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The Highlight of Fall 2015 - Light Beam

Light Beam has been the undisputed star of the Fall 2015 season – no wonder, its uncanny marble body sculpted in ways seemingly impossible make this graceful light the highlight of any premium interior.
Waterjet-cut, and available from multiple marbles, this item can fit your color- and lighting scheme in ways you would not believe marble could.

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The Award-Winning Rutil inspires!

Our Award-Winnig Rutil design has attracted the attention of design enthusiasts around the Globe – the varius finishes, the outlines ranging from ultra-thin 8mm to a well-noticeable 28mm width ensure a wide range of thicknesses to fuel the fantasy of any lighting deisgner. Be it bathrooms or reading corners, stairways or entry halls – Rutils offer a cutting-edge new look!

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The asymmetrical beauty of Geo by Inarchi

Geo is a dual nature emodied - seemingly weightless, floating, with a beautiful, asymmetrical cut, with the luxurious, elegant presence of Marble and Onyx. This pendant seemingly defies gravity, introducing a magical presence into any space!

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Hexan by Inarchi

Hexan is a unique combination of heaviness and feather-like weight, full presence and a slight hint, obvious beauty and bodiless light. Our Bronze version is a full, cast bronze face made to have a concrete presence in the space it occupies, and the glass and steel versions are almost secret in their presence, hardly to be spotted for the observer – Hexan is the most stylish way to play with the attention of the observer in any space.

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Floating stones - Inarchi presents the Sasso family

Our Sasso product family demonstrates the beauty of illusions – items that are explicitly heavy, yet have the shape and grace to float in front of the wall as a wall sconce or above, as a pendant halo light. Made from a wide selection of marbles, it can fit any color scheme – and our Carrara marble and Bronze Amani variants are a perfect fit for any surrounding due to their elegance and distinct beauty. Available in glossy or matte stone surfaces.

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Inarchi comes to life as member of the Manooi Group

The designers responsible for the explosive success of the Manooi brand have made their new vision come to life

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What inspired us?

In a weekly feature, Janos Heder shortly describes an inspiration for one of the cutting-edge designs for Inarchi products.