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There comes a time in life when one looks back, evaluates life, and becomes aware of the sum of experience that accumulated over the years.When this moment comes, new thoughts, new notions are born in one’s mind - a sense of clarity and purpose rise from the plethora of experience. This - the essence of empiric learning - is even more cathartic, when experience is shared between two visionaries, each with an individual perspective, yet looking in one direction. Janos Héder and Judit Zoltai are well-known when it comes to designer lamps and installations - for good reason. They have not only been the designers of, but the driving force be- hind the success story of the decade, bringing chandeliers to life for projects all over the World, inspiring and uplifting the thousands of people who see them every day.

Now, we decided to realize a completely new aspect of our dreams - creating a line of lighting elements that exist in pure, minimal state, to bring light to more spaces than ever before.

Every aspect of these elements brings another facet of the creators’ imagination to the surface, who have embarked on this journey of self-exploration, touching new tools, new materials on their way toward their vision.

So, one could ask - what is the sum of all knowledge accumulated?

The challenging art of minimalism, where every millimetre is accounted for. The craftsmanship that cumulates into uncluttered designs, unprecedented aesthetic value, and profound functionality.

Simplicity. Beauty.