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Marble in its most perfect form - meet Light Beam from Inarchi

Marble is one of our favourite materials. Inherently graceful, full of grace and elegant presence.
No wonder it is making a huge comeback into high-end interiors nowadays.
And that is exactly why our Light Beam is a hugely sought after design in our line-up – elegantly shining its strong light, under and through the marble body of the lamp. If you fell in love with it – don’t worry, we understand! We are at your service at any time to make your wish for this radiant marble light become reality. Write us today!



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Inarchi comes to life as member of the Manooi Group

The designers responsible for the explosive success of the Manooi brand have made their new vision come to life

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What inspired us?

In a weekly feature, Janos Heder shortly describes an inspiration for one of the cutting-edge designs for Inarchi products.