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The truth in stone - introducing Mono Floor


Rectangular marble free-standing lamp or sconce with backside high-performance LED light source.
A single piece of marble with high-performance LEDs on its backside,
shining indirect light through around the stone element.
Available in both wall sconce and free-standing lamp versions.

Stone is fundamental. It’s the building block of our Planet, an inanimate spectator of the passing millennia – and one of our favourite materials to work with. MONO is our rendition of the meeting of timeless shapes and the basic, deep truth of beautiful stones. MONO FLOOR  is a defining element in any space, offering ample light, and a true spectacle for all to behold. Contact us at to get your quote for Mono Floor today!



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Inarchi comes to life as member of the Manooi Group

The designers responsible for the explosive success of the Manooi brand have made their new vision come to life

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What inspired us?

In a weekly feature, Janos Heder shortly describes an inspiration for one of the cutting-edge designs for Inarchi products.