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The monument of precision – Frame from Inarchi

The Frame collection of Inarchi is this weeks featured product, enjoying massive international attention with its infinite combinational possibilities and various forms. The sharp outline, the various colors and the innate precision is all contributing to the inherent beauty of the Frame design. Explore the possibilities with us!

An ideal element of any space that speaks a clear, minimalist architectural language.

A suspension sculpture with a grasping outline and high-performance light sources, this impressive element places emphasis on the essential beauty of symmetry and contrast.

Able to create and define  spaces and planes, both ethereally light and distinct.
Can be joined together due to the openness of the design, endlessly variable to create an infinite number of dimensions.



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Inarchi comes to life as member of the Manooi Group

The designers responsible for the explosive success of the Manooi brand have made their new vision come to life

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What inspired us?

In a weekly feature, Janos Heder shortly describes an inspiration for one of the cutting-edge designs for Inarchi products.