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Inspired lighting by Inarchi

Design is not only a process – it is almost like a ritual, requiring the associations and dedicated attention of the creative mind. Janos Heder describes the creative process for two of INARCHI’s most sought after elements – RUTIL and HEXAN.


Rutil is an elegant, slender hexagonal beam utilising our unique hexagonal aluminium shape, available in extremely slim outlines measuring 8 mm between sides. “Rutil is a naturally occurring mineral, which from time to time is found in large quartz crystals, shooting through the clear material of the crystal like miniature needles. I found it to be astonishing, the way it progresses through the seemingly massive crystal… I immediately felt inspired to create something showing robust strength, yet boasting slim-as-possible outlines. After overcoming the challenges of manufacturing it, it was an amazing feeling to observe the finished element, reflecting the very qualities I had hoped to bring through to the finished product.

When we were designing this family, we wanted to stress two different aspects, two completely different approaches to the individual elements. The glass and steel elements are designed to be "illusions", structuring the space they occupy, shining a welcoming light underneath themselves, yet allowing the beholder to see through them. The bronze version however is meant to stop your line of sight in the given place that the designer of the space intends. It is more than 5 kg in weight, made of pure bronze - no plating, no plastic - what you see is what you get. It is made to be a statement in itself - and with the other members of the family, it creates an beautiful system of counterpoints, playing with the space they occupy.



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Inarchi comes to life as member of the Manooi Group

The designers responsible for the explosive success of the Manooi brand have made their new vision come to life

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What inspired us?

In a weekly feature, Janos Heder shortly describes an inspiration for one of the cutting-edge designs for Inarchi products.